About Us

Rivet creates virtual reality and 360 degree content for the music and entertainment industry. We record, produce and distribute immersive experiences for consumption on mobile, tablet, desktop and VR headsets.

Founded in partnership with the owners of the Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC, Rivet is is a unique startup that fuses music and technology into a powerful new consumer experience.

Rivet Music, our immersive live music app, is now available for download from the App Store.

We’ve got big plans. Rivet’s mission is to revolutionize the way live and on-demand music is consumed over the internet. The last decade has seen the music industry transformed by digital content and streaming services. The next disruptor is immersion. Performances can now be viewed, experienced and shared in an entirely new way.

No musical experience is complete without professional grade sound. Rivet has created a state-of-the-art recording studio to capture binaural audio of our recorded performances. Coupled with our post-production facility we bring all this together to create a remarkable experience.

360 Degree Videos

(requires the Chrome, Firefox or Opera desktop browser for 360 degree viewing to be enabled)

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